You’ve Got the Power

For too many people, the idea of living a truly extraordinary life seems like a wistful pipe dream. We’re tired, busy, stressed – and honestly, a lot of us are simply trying to keep it all together – pulled in countless directions by a world that seems to devour so much of our time and energy, yet doesn’t provide enough of either. How could we possibly think about creating a wildly fulfilling life, when most of us are burning out just trying to meet the demands of our days?

Sure, who wouldn’t want a career that lights them up with passion every day, while providing financial abundance and freedom? Who wouldn’t love great relationships with friends and family, and an intimate love partnership filled with adventure and sizzle? Who wouldn’t choose optimal health, feeling vibrant, energetic, and robustly alive in every moment? Or a spiritual connection that promised and delivered all of the trust and assistance needed to make our dreams come true?

Of course, this would all be fantastic. But where do we begin…

What it ultimately comes down to is choice. And believe me, I understand how it can sometimes feel like we have no choice: We HAVE to go to work (or we won’t be able to pay the bills). We HAVE to do food shopping (or we’ll starve). We HAVE to brush our teeth (or they’ll fall out). We HAVE to… (fill in the blank). But when you dig deeper to the raw truth, it’s a fallacy. We don’t HAVE to do anything. Now I’m certainly not suggesting you quit your job tomorrow, avoid grocery stores, or allow gum disease to set in – but when we make a blanket determination that we have no choice, we needlessly surrender our power.

Every choice we make has benefits and costs. Our aim should be making choices that yield the greatest gains with the least sacrifice.

So what if I told you that everything you do is a choice. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

It may not always feel that way, but it’s true. Even when things ‘happen to us’ as a result of the co-creative world we share, we’re still able to make choices based on our new circumstances. And by simply owning this one notion – that everything we do is something we’re choosing (even things that feel like habit, autopilot, or even addiction) – we effectively reclaim all the power we’ve been giving away.

And make no mistake, you will need every bit of that power to actualize the life of your dreams!

So if creating an authentic, self-expressed life is something you might want to choose, stay tuned. In the next blog post, I’ll discuss the necessary steps to imagining, designing, and realizing all that you desire.

Lots of love,

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