Your Life Journal is the place where your inner imagination meets your outer reality.

As you move through the LifeChart program (and beyond!), working to discover and create what you truly want in each of the 10 most important areas of life, your Life Journal will serve as the dynamic ‘story of your life’ – a living, breathing organism that you constantly tend to and care for – the ultimate reflection of who you are and what you stand for in this world.

Your Life Journal is where you introspect, imagine, and paint the picture of your ideal life. It’s also the place where you’ll uncover your ‘why’ – why you truly want something – and this will pull you forward like nothing else can.

Think of it as your ‘performance stage’ – where you get to be the director of the most award-winning show the world has ever seen – the design of your one precious life.

Your Life Journal will likely become the most sacred thing you own, representing the very soul of who you are. It’s your guide book to self-expression and happiness – and ultimately, the key to your self-actualization and the fulfillment of your life purpose!