Welcome to LifeChart!

I will do my best to make this first ‘official’ post short and sweet. Welcome to LifeChart!

I’ve been working hard building the site you’re now viewing. And while it’s far from complete, it’s stirring up so much creative energy from within, pulling me forward, and bringing me such joy to watch it enter this world and begin to blossom.

I’ve been a life coach for over 15 years, and I’ve been studying personal growth and life transformation practices for more than double that time. This step on my journey – creating Life Chart (Life Design System) – is the culmination of everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve experienced, everything that’s deepest in my soul.

My desire to create the most ideal life in every possible area continues to flow like a current through my veins, the thread that connects and guides all my choices. It’s ultimately what I live for. And while I – nor any of us – will ever arrive at some magical destination of being finished with our work, we can consciously commit to working in each precious moment to make our existence the most wonderous it can be.

It is my heartfelt pleasure to offer LifeChart. My intention is for you find something here that pulls you forward too, so you can begin to consciously design your own extraordinary life. We are all uniquely destined for self-expression, self-actualization, and greatness. Yet, we alone are responsible for making the choice of using our power to answer that call.

It would be my honor to stand with you, as you rise up and shine.

Much love,


  1. Would like a session!

    1. I will message you over the weekend. 🙂

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