The Importance of Being 10-Area Strong

Living an extraordinary life means just what it says – living an extraordinary LIFE – not pieces, pockets, or parts of life, but the whole magnificent shebang! Think of it as a symphony of musical instruments. If a few instruments sound exquisite, but the rest are out of tune, playing Carnegie Hall certainly won’t be in that orchestra’s future anytime soon.

Here’s a perfect example from my own life: As I continue the massive project of bringing LifeChart into the world, my inspiration level is through the roof. Creativity flows like a river, and I feel this continuous sense of accomplishment watching everything falling into place. My wife Allison and I have been sharing our successes on an elevated energy plane, as we both work toward similar vocational aspirations. All great stuff, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now.

But there are a few other things I’ve been conscious of too… I’m not sleeping a lot, because in this wave of excitement, my mind is having a hard time shutting off. So even though my engine is running in high gear, it’s mostly on fumes, and it’s quite common for me to wake up exhausted. At night, I’m usually too tired to give my full attention to the spiritual connection practice that has always been so important to me. My whole body is often stiff and sore due to sitting in a computer chair for long hours each day. And lately, while our dogs Bailey and Murphy are certainly treated well, the level of time and attention I’ve been giving them has definitely suffered due to my career focus.

The point is simple. All areas of life are interlinked, deserving of (and sometimes demanding) our awareness. Success or failure in one area will always have a ripple effect on everything else. It becomes a balancing act, with each component playing a critical role in the whole of our self-expression, fulfillment, and overall happiness.

And regarding happiness, isn’t that the ultimate pinnacle we’re all seeking? Making ourselves 10-area strong is our ticket to delighting in the view at the mountaintop.

Peace, joy, and love,

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