A Coach’s Journey

For over 25 years, I worked various sales jobs, and earned a pretty decent living. Yet deep down, and nearly every minute of it, I knew I was selling myself way short…

As a teenager, I was forced to navigate through a very rough period. My parents were involved in a contentious divorce, and my mother did not cope well with the situation. Things at home turned completely chaotic, so I went to live with my father in New York City. Mere days after getting my driver’s license, I began my senior year of high school – commuting over an hour each way to New Jersey – just so I could finish in the same place I grew up, and with the friends I had known for much of my life. It was an extremely difficult time, and if I learned one thing from the experience, it was how to survive.

I’ve done a lot of work on myself since then. And it wasn’t until many years later, looking back on all the choices I had made along my life path, that I realized I’d also made a very clear, subconscious decision stemming from that turbulent time – I decided that nothing in my life would ever be difficult again.

So moving forward – and particularly in my career – I made choices that were comfortable, easy, and didn’t require much effort or engagement on my part. My dad had been working as a successful insurance agent, so after college, I ‘eased’ into sales, and soon discovered I was able to make good money without exerting a lot of energy. It seemed like an acceptable antidote to all the craziness I’d been through, and provided some of the comfort and stability that was absent from my adolescence.

There was only one (HUGE) problem. Ever since I could remember, I had yearned to do something special with my life, dive into a passion that was uniquely my own, and make a real difference in the world. And selling various products and services to strangers was simply not providing that brand of satisfaction. In fact, the longer I stayed in sales, the more I felt like an impostor, a phony – inauthentic, empty, and unfulfilled. It truly felt like I was dying some kind of slow death. I could still sense the music inside me, but I fearfully kept pushing it aside, telling myself I didn’t have what it takes, hoping maybe someday that might change.

The good news is that the pilot light inside all of us to become our most expressed selves never stops burning. It keeps nudging us, reminding us of why we are here, and what we’re meant to accomplish on this Earth. Each and every one of us is created to tap into our uniqueness, our divine magnificence, and to share our gifts with the world. For me personally, I’ve always known I have a calling – my life purpose – which, if I didn’t ultimately honor its persistent message, I would have tremendous regret down the road. I also knew that if I continued to shelter myself from taking risks or embarking on anything difficult, I was effectively closing off any possibility of having a genuinely fulfilling and meaningful life.

So after more than 25 years (and after finally understanding that the only day of the week never coming is ‘Someday’), I made the conscious choice that the time to do this is NOW. I decided to stop ‘pushing’ my way through life in order to simply earn a paycheck and survive. Rather, I committed to putting my trust in The Universe, and allowing it to PULL me forward into the greatness I am destined for.

Now you’re journey may be similar or entirely different from mine. But there is one thing I know for certain we have in common. You too are destined for greatness. You have unique, valuable gifts to offer – and a truly noble purpose to fulfill.

It’s your time. Make a commitment to do the work. Go deep. Connect with the soulful, glorious light shining within you. Trust where it leads. Then simply share your light with everyone you can.

The world is on the edge of its seat, waiting to see what you’ll create, and who you’ll become!

All my love,

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