5 Steps to Your Ideal Life (Part 2)

In the last blog post, we looked at steps 1-3 of the 5 steps to designing your ideal life – uncovering WHO we’ve been, WHAT we want to be, and WHY we want it. This puts us in good position, but simply being aware of our who, what, and why isn’t enough. We now need to map our route, and ultimately get behind the wheel of our lives, allowing the rubber to hit the road. In this installment, we’ll cover steps 4 and 5…

  1. Like any winning sports team or business, we need to create a GAME PLAN that gives us the best chance for success. We need to take the information we’ve uncovered and incorporate the right action steps to insure our transformation from Point A to Point B – effectively crossing the bridge from who we’ve been to what we want to be. Unfortunately, this is the place where most people fail. Many don’t create a plan at all, instead choosing to ride the wave of excitement and enthusiasm – basically winging it, until the euphoria dies down, and they realize it’s actually going to take more than adrenaline to make their dream a reality. Others understand they need a plan, but may not know where to begin, or which actions will yield the greatest rewards. Bottom line, a well imagined game plan will take us a lot further (and likely a lot faster) than we’ll go without one. Another certainty, things will not always go according to even the best laid plan – so flexibility and a willingness to flow in a new direction also becomes an integral part of the equation.
  2. Once our initial game plan is in place, and we’ve started to roll, the final step is developing a system that allows us to TRACK AND MEASURE our progress – providing proof that we’re constantly moving closer to our ideal vision in the area(s) we’ve chosen for growth. There are many easy-to-implement systems available, and you’ll gain access to perhaps the most effective one when you go through any of the LifeChart program options. Whichever method we choose though, the key to success is consistently taking inventory of where we are along our journey – determining what’s working, and what isn’t – then being able to navigate and steer our ship back on course. And perhaps most importantly, we must be diligent in holding ourselves accountable, honoring our sacred commitment to doing what we say we’re going to do.

Following this 5-step outline will most certainly take you to the finish line, where everything you desire is waiting. A purposeful life is no easy undertaking, and your own calling has undoubtedly been nudging and whispering to you for quite some time (maybe even decades for some people). Is this the moment you’ll choose to answer the call? If not now, when?

With love,

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