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5 Steps to Your Ideal Life (Part 2)

In the last blog post, we looked at steps 1-3 of the 5 steps to designing your ideal life – uncovering WHO we’ve been, WHAT we want to be, and WHY we want it. This puts us in good position, but simply being aware of our who, what, and why isn’t enough. We now need …

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5 Steps to Your Ideal Life (Part 1)

There are 5 steps to designing your ideal life. Do all the steps – for every area – and you’re pretty much guaranteed to land at your dream destination. Skip one step (or more), and you’ll almost surely end up frustrated and unfulfilled. In this installment, we’re going to look at steps 1-3… We need …

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You’ve Got the Power

For too many people, the idea of living a truly extraordinary life seems like a wistful pipe dream. We’re tired, busy, stressed – and honestly, a lot of us are simply trying to keep it all together – pulled in countless directions by a world that seems to devour so much of our time and …

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